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1 Important way to drive LinkedIn engagement that ISN’T posting

I came across something on LinkedIn that has been driving me crazy so I had to write about it! Earlier today, I found someone in the immigration industry who has more than 30,000 followers on LinkedIn, but when I looked at their posts, there was zero LinkedIn engagement! A majority of their posts had received

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Why You Should Reply to Comments on LinkedIn

4 Reasons Why You Should Reply to Comments Thoughtfully!

Picture this: you read a post on LinkedIn about immigration that was both thoughtful and engaging. The author clearly knows their stuff, and this is content that you work on day in and day out, so you leave a similarly thoughtful comment on the post with your own opinions. You can’t wait to hear what

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A Beginners Guide to LinkedIn Polls

When LinkedIn polls first came out, I was suspicious. OK well, maybe suspicious is a strong word but I was skeptical if they could really provide the same level of value as other content on LinkedIn. So I decided to run my own LinkedIn poll to test out the feature and see how I could

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