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Do you feel like you have a personal brand or you know how to create a personal brand for yourself?

4 Easy Tips You Need to Create a Personal Brand

Do you feel like you have a personal brand or you know how to create a personal brand for yourself? It’s one of those questions that a lot of people roll their eyes at or they start to get nervous, frustrated, and ready to give up before they’ve even come up with an answer. Well,

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Why you should use LinkedIn like a conference

This is What Your LinkedIn Should Look Like

Calling all immigration professionals! The old days of LinkedIn as an exclusive hub for job seekers are gone! This is what your LinkedIn should look like instead… While LinkedIn can still be a useful resource for seeking employment, now it is the best place online for professional networking. This is true for lawyers and immigration

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LinkedIn Mobile App

1 Fun Feature to Use on the LinkedIn Mobile App

How do you use LinkedIn: on your phone or on a computer or using the LinkedIn mobile app? I was inspired to make this post after I conducted a small survey with my connections on LinkedIn. I asked whether people were using LinkedIn on their smartphones or on a computer or laptop. What do you

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Find job applicants on LinkedIn

Find Job Applicants on LinkedIn with This Easy Trick

When you are posting on LinkedIn, how do you find job applicants on LinkedIn that actually work out? How do you post your firm’s job openings on LinkedIn? If you find yourself posting a job title and a link, clicking “Update,” and then closing the window and moving on, it’s time to stop! When you

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Create content for LinkedIn that's unique

Here’s How You Create Content for LinkedIn

Nowadays you need more than a good resume and some networking contacts. You have to create content for LinkedIn that shows you are good at what you do and your uniqueness in order to attract clients as an immigration lawyer or an immigration firm. Having a LinkedIn account is a great way of finding new

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