Is LinkedIn Premium worth it if you are an immigration professional?

Is LinkedIn Premium worth it?


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As an avid user of (the free version of) LinkedIn, I’ve been wondering is LinkedIn Premium worth it for an immigration professional?. So I upgraded to the trial month of free LinkedIn Premium to fully test it out. Here are my thoughts on using LinkedIn Premium so far if you’re curious about whether it would be useful for you. 

Now that I’ve used LinkedIn Premium, I can say that there were some features that were extremely helpful to have when I logged in. In particular, two features have been useful to me right away:

Features that make LinkedIn Premium worth it: Seeing who’s looked at my profile

Firstly, LinkedIn Premium lets you see everyone who looks at your profile even if LinkedIn shows them as ‘anonymous’ when you use the free version of LinkedIn. Being able to see EVERYONE who has looked at my profile rather than just the last 1-3 with the free version was really beneficial because I could monitor who was coming to my profile and who was coming to my profile after I posted content. 

Features that make LinkedIn Premium worth it: Having access to LinkedIn Learning

The second feature that I love is having access to all the LinkedIn learning modules. LinkedIn Premium gives you access to some fantastic educational resources (the LinkedIn Learning modules were originally from Lynda Courses and moved to LinkedIn if you have taken a class from that platform.) If you’re looking to polish up on some of your business skills or learn a new one, LinkedIn Premium is great just for LinkedIn Learning. They have courses for every kind of interest including project management, Microsoft Office, coding, and digital marketing, etc. I plan to binge all sorts of videos during this month.

What about the features I didn’t like?

There were a few other features on LinkedIn Premium that I tried out during my trial membership that wasn’t particularly helpful. Here are the two features I don’t think I’ll need and why they’re not useful to me:

InMail credits

LinkedIn Premium offers a feature called “InMail credits” which is the ability to message people who are not in your LinkedIn network (aka not already connected with.) Since I’ve started the Premium trial, I haven’t used this as I’ve found that I haven’t needed to send a message to anyone outside of my network. I might use it in the future to test it out but so far I can say that this hasn’t been something I would use if I had LinkedIn Premium. 

Salary Insights

LinkedIn Premium also offers subscribers “Salary insights.” This is a tool that offers salary breakdown by job title, industry, and location. This is a super helpful tool to have for a lot of people but … because I run my own immigration tech startup and creative agency, salaries aren’t too helpful or something that I need to know about right now (as you can imagine.)

Is LinkedIn Premium worth it? I want your opinion!

I’ve been researching LinkedIn Premium for quite some time but most importantly, what am I missing that could be useful, especially as an (a) entrepreneur and (b) immigration/global mobility professional?

Have you tried LinkedIn Premium or do you use it regularly? I’d love to hear from some of you folks who use Premium or maybe used it in the past if you’d be willing to share your thoughts or advice. Let me know!



Roman is an immigration lawyer, the founder of an immigration tech startup called LaborLess, a LinkedIn coach, writer and speaker.

I help immigration businesses around the world level up their brands, enhance their LinkedIn and YouTube presence and grow through original written content, LinkedIn coaching, YouTube coaching and other strategic consulting.

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