Find Job Applicants on LinkedIn with This Easy Trick

Find job applicants on LinkedIn


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When you are posting on LinkedIn, how do you find job applicants on LinkedIn that actually work out? How do you post your firm’s job openings on LinkedIn?

If you find yourself posting a job title and a link, clicking “Update,” and then closing the window and moving on, it’s time to stop! When you are posting jobs on LinkedIn like this, you are missing good applicants every single day

I see immigration firms (and lots of other employers) do this every day on LinkedIn. For example, they write an update letting their network know “they are looking for a Senior Immigration Associate,” and then a link to the job application or their website with the job description in the post. That’s the only information in the post: the job title and a link. These posts almost always have little if any engagement and qualified job candidates aren’t getting the chance to see these amazing job opportunities.  Everyone loses when these job postings go out on LinkedIn. 

Before you can tell you how to improve your job postings and find these missing applicants, let’s check out what you should NOT be doing when you are posting about a job opening on LinkedIn. 

Find job applicants on LinkedIn: First, check your job description

If you’re just posting a job listing with a job title and no other information, it’s going to be really hard to get engagement let alone find qualified candidates. Content is king when it comes to job descriptions. The more information you can give job candidates about your firm, the position, the responsibilities, etc. (and candidates applying!) the more you’re going to have people engaging with your post.

Find job applicants on LinkedIn: Always Avoid Using an External Link

You may have had some posts on LinkedIn that have done super well, and then you post a news update with a link to your company and then…crickets. This isn’t your fault! When you use an external link on LinkedIn, your post is more likely to be “hidden” on people’s feeds. LinkedIn’s algorithm does not prioritize content that has an external link which means you will almost always have low engagement even when you are posting great content. 

Find job applicants on LinkedIn: Fixing your current job posting

Now you know the two major problems with the typical immigration firm LinkedIn job post, you know what to avoid in your posts. Here’s my advice on how to fix your post, and how to make new job posts that will have a lot more engagement AND you will have more job applicants…

Find job applicants on LinkedIn: Rework the job description

What motivated you to apply to your last job? Was it just a random opening that you saw? Or was it the description of a job that you knew you could excel in, that matched your experiences, or a description of a company that would help you achieve your professional goals? If you are trying to attract candidates, write engaging content. Write a detailed job description and talk about the interesting work your firm is doing so that candidates can picture themselves working at your firm and working in that job. 

Find job applicants on LinkedIn: Post exclusively on LinkedIn

Now that you know that the LinkedIn algorithm will make it hard to engage, don’t put in that external link! It may sound crazy to have a job posting without the link to the application but we have a workaround for you. Put the link to the job posting in the comments of your post so you don’t lose interested candidates. With a great job description and the algorithm working for you rather than against you, your job posts will get more engagement and you’re much more likely to reach those candidates who were missing your posts before. Your, and your firm’s, job postings will be less work for you, AND more likely to get the results you want. 

When you post job postings on LinkedIn, what response have you received? If you don’t post job postings on LinkedIn, why not? I’m curious to hear about your experiences!



Roman is an immigration lawyer, the founder of an immigration tech startup called LaborLess, a LinkedIn coach, writer and speaker.

I help immigration businesses around the world level up their brands, enhance their LinkedIn and YouTube presence and grow through original written content, LinkedIn coaching, YouTube coaching and other strategic consulting.

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