5 Important LinkedIn Tips For Immigration And Global Mobility Professionals Looking To Grow Their Business


There aren’t a lot of LinkedIn tips for immigration and global mobility professionals out there because, well, not too many folks in the industry are active on LinkedIn. So i you’ve decided to get started on LinkedIn for the first time then let me begin by saying congratulations! I’m excited to share these tips with you and get you started.

LinkedIn is such an underutilized tool when it comes to effective content marketing, growing your network, growing your business, AND that definitely includes immigration and global mobility professionals.

I’ve written at length on how to find the content strategy that works best for you, how to figure out what kind of content will connect best with your audience and some ways to get started creating content.

But no matter where you are in your LinkedIn journey, these tips will serve to prove the foundation of your posts so you can focus on fine-tuning your strategy and actually connecting with like-minded professionals!

So here are 5 foundational LinkedIn tips for immigration and global mobility professionals who want to grow on LinkedIn:

  • Put some spaces in your post. Don’t just write one long paragraph, people will find it very hard to read even if they’re interested in what you have to say. Using white space to break up your post into smaller paragraphs makes your post much easier to read and digest, especially if your audience is viewing LinkedIn on a mobile device (and there’s a good chance that they are!)

  • Get people’s attention by starting with a hook. You’ll need to draw people in before you can get to the point of your post. Try to start your post with something that will hook the reader in and get them to click on “See More” to read the full post. For example, try addressing your audience: “Hey H-1B hopefuls…” or use one of your unique experiences to “As an expat, have you ever…”

  • After you post, stay active. For the first few hours, try to respond to comments as quickly as possible. It helps to be truly social as your followers will notice and appreciate it even its via future engagement. (If you’re not sure what to do then just leave a comment and wait.)

  • Connection is king. Be sure to always engage with the people who are engaging with your posts. If someone who you’re not connected with likes or comments or shares your post then be sure to send them a connection request! They don’t have to be in the same professional space as you either. there are a lot of benefits to having a LinkedIn audience that is professionally diverse even if it may not seem obvious at first. For example, if you’re in immigration, try connecting with international tax professionals or HR professionals or in-house recruiters. There’s a lot that you could overlap on!

  • Be sure that you are thanking your connections when they engage with you! It’s cliche but it’s true you catch more flies with honey not vinegar. Keep that in mind as you engage with your audience on LinkedIn or other social media platforms. If a connection likes / comments / shares your post, send them a thank you DM. It’s nice and can also serve as positive reinforcement for your brand. It doesn’t have to be anything complex or too formal either. Just sending a DM saying “Hey [NAME], thanks so much for your comment!” will suffice.

Now that I’ve listed some of the most important LinkedIn tips for immigration and mobility professionals, in my opinion, you’re ready to get started creating great content. It may sound simple, but formatting your posts to be as readable as possible and making sure to engage with the people interested in your work will go a long way when it comes to building your brand (and your audience) on LinkedIn.

And by the way, if you’re ready to take your LinkedIn game seriously, check out LinkedIn’s Creator Mode, which is a recent addition to the platform that allows users who create consistent content to get even more our of the platform.

Any questions about what it takes to make a great LinkedIn post if you’re an immigration or mobility professional that is still new on Linked In? Leave your questions in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer them for you.



Roman is an immigration lawyer, the founder of an immigration tech startup called LaborLess, a LinkedIn coach, writer and speaker.

I help immigration businesses around the world level up their brands, enhance their LinkedIn and YouTube presence and grow through original written content, LinkedIn coaching, YouTube coaching and other strategic consulting.

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