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Create content for LinkedIn that's unique


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Nowadays you need more than a good resume and some networking contacts. You have to create content for LinkedIn that shows you are good at what you do and your uniqueness in order to attract clients as an immigration lawyer or an immigration firm. Having a LinkedIn account is a great way of finding new clients and establishing yourself as an expert in immigration law. A LinkedIn survey found that not only do people use LinkedIn to find a lawyer, but they are using LinkedIn to check attorney recommendations they receive.

68% of people with a LinkedIn account were likely to use LinkedIn to find a lawyer if they needed one next week and 94% of people with a LinkedIn account were likely to use LinkedIn to research a referral for a lawyer that was given by someone they know. This means there is a lot of people already on LinkedIn who are looking for your expertise!

So we know that having a great and engaging LinkedIn page is a must but how do you stand out from the crowd? Here’s some good news: it doesn’t take a lot of work to make your LinkedIn profile go from “good enough” to “standing out.”

Create content for LinkedIn that adds value

I see immigration professionals posting time and time again on LinkedIn with no success. What is the problem with their posts? Before we can create content for LinkedIn, let’s go over the posts from immigration lawyers that seem like good ideas but are really off-putting in practice.

If you find yourself posting content with questions such as “What’s an H1-B visa?” or “Do you know what OPT is?” You are not going to see the engagement (or the clicks) that you want to see for three reasons:

  1. These posts don’t provide any value. When you’re writing think about the “why” someone should read these posts. Unless you have some amazing follow-ups or a particularly engaging way of phrasing this information, most people will not see the value in this post and keep scrolling. This leads us to our second point…
  2. If your content is about a topic that you can easily Google and find the answer to, please don’t post it! It may sound counterintuitive but if the information is that easy to find, people will not be looking to you for these. You are not positioning yourself as a thought leader or an expert if you are parroting information that can be found very easily on the web.
  3. While these are questions that a lot of people are curious about, what about this post will make them trust your brand over another brand, especially a larger brand that is more established and therefore “trustworthy” in the field?

This is the content you should create for LinkedIn instead

Instead of posting the content that everyone else is making, you need to stand out by posting unique content! This seems like common sense but a lot of professionals are afraid to post content that differentiates themselves. 

Don’t be afraid to be yourself

Don’t be afraid to show your personality online! Create content for LinkedIn by being your full self. Even content that has nothing to do with your job as an immigration professional can help set you apart. For example, if you are a former opera singer, you have unique content automatically. Post a video of you singing and see the amount of engagement skyrocket. If you have an interesting hobby or passion, people love to see these in action. Post a video or a photo of you practicing your hobby or a cute video of your dog and people will pay attention. 

Show your expertise in something niche

Another great way to start getting attention on LinkedIn is to start showing your expertise in the narrow client segments and create content for LinkedIn based on the work that you do. Let’s say you’re doing H1-B visa work for eSport athletes or working on O-1 visas for theatre actors. These topics are LinkedIn gold! Writing about these niche topics will help build your reputation not only as an immigration thought leader, but a trustworthy source for legal immigration information. 

Stand out in a sea of lawyers

If you’re feeling inspired and ready to start showcasing your talents and create content for LinkedIn, do BOTH. Let people know about your interests and passions outside of your legal work and showcase your expertise by writing content about unique legal situations. It’s time to start peacocking and the LinkedIn attention will come!



Roman is an immigration lawyer, the founder of an immigration tech startup called LaborLess, a LinkedIn coach, writer and speaker.

I help immigration businesses around the world level up their brands, enhance their LinkedIn and YouTube presence and grow through original written content, LinkedIn coaching, YouTube coaching and other strategic consulting.

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