4 Easy Tips You Need to Create a Personal Brand

Do you feel like you have a personal brand or you know how to create a personal brand for yourself?


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Do you feel like you have a personal brand or you know how to create a personal brand for yourself? It’s one of those questions that a lot of people roll their eyes at or they start to get nervous, frustrated, and ready to give up before they’ve even come up with an answer. Well, I have good news for you! A personal brand is something that is very easy to build, and it is absolutely something you need! Especially if you have a small business or you are a solo business owner. A unique personal brand will help you grow your business and network, get attention, and establish yourself as a leader in your industry. 

Four tips to help you create a personal brand

I gave a talk recently for GlobalHR on building a personal brand while focusing on your practice. Here are my tips for building a personal brand that helps you stand out without having to take time away from the work you need to do in your daily work life. 

Tip #1 you need to create a personal brand: There’s only one you

There is no one else exactly like you. It may sound cheesy but there is truth in cliches here! Our first tip is really more of a mindset shift before you can continue on the branding journey. Take the time to recognize that you are UNIQUE and that uniqueness is your secret weapon. 

Tip #2 you need to create a personal brand: Determine what makes up your brand

In ice breakers, what is your personal ‘fun fact?’ What are your passions and your go-to activities in life? These are all great points for creating your personal brand! Do you love rock climbing? Are you a great baker? Do you speak 3 languages? Do you love cars? Let your interests be part of your brand. People can tell when people are authentic about their interests and guess what? They love seeing it online!

Tip #3 you need to create a personal brand: Start creating and sharing

Ok, now using the first two tips: you know that you are unique and you know what are your fun facts. Now it’s time to start creating and sharing! Don’t be shy. Start sharing this content on LinkedIn. An immigration professional that rock climbs is going to get more attention on LinkedIn than another immigration lawyer who doesn’t have anything else to say. Share content about it on LinkedIn, etc., and tie it to your practice. Need some help getting started? See the video for my example – it got some laughs!!

Tip #4 you need to create a personal brand: Stay consistent on social media

Now you’ve started creating and posting content, you are not finished! Creating content is such a great step but now that you’ve started, you have to stay consistent. At the very least, you should be posting a few times a week, and if you can post every day on LinkedIn that is the best. and brand yourself as the “rock climbing/baker/etc. immigration lawyer.”

Creating and posting consistent content that is to do with both your personal brand and your immigration or global mobility work will get you attention on LinkedIn. This will work way better than dropping money on Google ads that say the exact same thing your competitors say. After all, who would you be more interested in learning about? The immigration lawyer with the same old advertisements or the lawyer who speaks French and bakes?

Are you still struggling to create a personal brand?

With these 4 tips in mind, you are ready to get started actually making your personal brand!

Are you feeling scared? Don’t worry, I am here to help. GMI Rocket is meant to be a free resource and a community for immigration and global mobility professionals. I’m here to help you get better at marketing, branding, content creation, and using LinkedIn to your benefit. And did I mention this is free?

Interested in learning more? What helped you figure out your personal brand? Check out my talk with Global HR here or leave a comment and join the conversation below!



Roman is an immigration lawyer, the founder of an immigration tech startup called LaborLess, a LinkedIn coach, writer and speaker.

I help immigration businesses around the world level up their brands, enhance their LinkedIn and YouTube presence and grow through original written content, LinkedIn coaching, YouTube coaching and other strategic consulting.

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