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Thank you for purchasing our course Digital Marketing For The Immigration Industry. Here’s how you access the course:

1. Return to the course page.

2. Click the “Login” link to the right of the “Take this Course” button.

Step One

3. Click the white “Register an Account” button.

Step Three

4. Create a username – ⚠️ use the same email address you used to purchase this course via PayPal!

5. Click the “Register” button.

6. A registration email has been sent to you from WordPress.

Step Seven

7. In the email, click the link to set the password for your account.

8. Use the password generated for you or create your own. When you choose a password hit ENTER.

Step Nine

9. Do NOT click the “Log in” link under the WordPress logo, instead return to the Digital Marketing For The Immigration Industry course page.

Step Ten

10. Click the “Login” link to the right of the “Take this Course” button.

Step Twelve

11. Enter your username or email address and the new password you just created.

12. You’ve successful logged in! Click “Take this Course” to get started!

We are so honored you’ve chosen to learn with GMI Rocket! If you have questions or thoughts on the course, email Roman at 

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